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July 04, 2009


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Some things OUGHT to be socialized, and some things ought to be privatized. To my mind, we ought to socialize that which the community creates, and privatize that which the individual or corporation creates. But I think it would be more appropriate to describe such a society or economy as capitalist than it is to describe what we've now got as capitalism.

You might appreciate an essay entitled "Henry George and the Reconstruction of Capitalism," available online at and elsewhere.

Capitalism is a fine idea, and we really ought to try it some time. But land monopoly capitalism is not the sort of capitalism which creates widely shared prosperity or economic justice.

That's what Lizzie Magie was trying to teach via her game.

But the game might not have been much fun to play: no losers, no big winner. Dull game. Goes on forever.

Today, we might call that "sustainability." Not great for a game, but an excellent idea for real life.

If you aren't yet familiar with Henry George' ideas, you might start at or

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