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July 20, 2009


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John C

Sure. Although, one might ask why they need to - law teaching is obviously a highly sought after position, and including loan forgiveness would only make it that more attractive. Not sure why schools would have an incentive to do this.


To some extent, the amount of law school debt incurred is within the student's control. Someone planning on becoming a law professor or a DA should not be living like the future Biglaw partners. If you lived like a poor grad student during law school, a typical law professor salary is probably OK for the student loans. Your post is probably more relevant to people who thought they were going to be Biglaw partners and lived large as students, but changed their minds once in practice.

Professor Tracy McGaugh

Maybe I'm missing something in the question, but . . . law schools don't need to foot that bill since the federal government has offered to. The public interest loan forgiveness program -- which allows one in a public interest field to have her loans forgiven after ten years of on-time payments -- applies to professors, including law professors. And the payments during that ten years can be keyed to actual salary rather than salary expectations within a particular field.

Also, Anon . . . some of us lived like poor grad students and still had a mountain of debt on graduation. Many students have very little control over how much we borrowed -- it was borrow the maximum or don't get a legal education.

All that said, of course, I was fully prepared to make a student loan payment every month of my life until its end. It's only through the public interest loan forgiveness program from the feds that I'm able to consider not having a student loan payment ten years from now (only payments made after the inception of the program and after enrolling count toward the ten year payment minimum).


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