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July 06, 2009


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Tim Zinnecker

Next to posts about the UCC, I most enjoy reading posts about my beloved St. Louis Cardinals. Albert Pujols is having a monster year. Would it be blasphemy (at least to Musial fans) to refer to Albert as "the man"?

P.S. Albert, I'm attending the Astros-Cardinals game in Houston on July 20 to celebrate my 50th birthday. Please hit a homer (or two) for me! Give me something to think about, other than those annoying AARP applications!

Mark Weidemaier

Hi, Tim - I don’t think the comparison is blasphemy at all. Here are the players listed by Baseball Prospectus as most similar to Pujols at age 28: Jimmie Foxx; Hank Aaron; Frank Robinson; Lou Gehrig; Ken Griffey; Mickey Mantle; Joe DiMaggio; Juan Gonzalez; Mel Ott; Hal Trosky. Not bad!

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