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July 09, 2009


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Jacqueline Lipton

Welcome, Kim! Glad to have you on board.

Tim  Zinnecker

Welcome indeed! Looking forward to more of your "egg-cellent" posts!

Kim Krawiec

Thanks guys! I tried to think of an egg rejoinder, but failed entirely. I'll have to leave the puns to Tim.

Tim Zinnecker

Kim, perhaps you should have replied with a remark along these lines: Sperm me the accolades! (Yeah, it's a stretch.)

D. Daniel Sokol

Reflecting on Jacqui's post from the other day, I guess this means that the sequel Krawiec II (permanent blogging) is better than the original Krawiec I(guest blogging).

Kim Krawiec

Sometimes the stretch is the best one, Tim -- it shows creativity. As to the sequel being better, Danny, we'll have to wait for the reviews, I guess.

Sarah L.

Kim has joined Faculty Lounge full-time! That deserves a standing ova-tion!


Welcome, Kim! Glad you will be lounging with us!

Kim Krawiec

Thanks Laura. Sarah, you definitely win the pun contest! We need to develop some Faculty Lounge schwag to give as prizes.

Dan Markel

Kim, congrats--I've really enjoyed reading your posts!


Glad you're sticking around, Kim. We're carrying a nice, cushy arm chair into the lounge for you right now.

Kim Krawiec

Thanks, Dan -- it's a mutual admiration society, then, as I've been a fan of yours for awhile now. Hey Al -- you do know that you're the one I'm going to blame when I miss all my deadlines thanks to blogging addiction now, right?


Blame, credit. There's a fine line between those two things. Just depends how one looks at this. My guess is that the four part tenure series is morphing itself into a journal article as we speak.

Keep on the sunny side of life!

Miriam A. Cherry

I've been enjoying your posts... glad I'll get to read more of them. :)

Kim Krawiec

Thanks Miriam. I'm happy to hear someone's been reading them!

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