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July 27, 2009


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Jonathan H. Adler

Good news. But how do we know you're really Jacqui, and not just a program from a user that knows Jacqui?

Jacqui L.

So you're admitting that you believe in the "users"?

Spencer Weber Waller

You are not alone. Tron is the original Matrix.

Jacqui L.

The Matrix is just Tron without the MCP!

And speaking of the MCP (and his British henchman), did you know that Tron was the American movie that coined the idea of casting bad guys with British accents? Apparently, before David Warner in Tron, this hadn't been the norm.


I'd be glad if they brought back the old video game!

Jacqueline Lipton

I'm sure they'll be bringing out some new ones...

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