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July 16, 2009


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Eric Fink

This attitude (or should I say "attytood") was best summed up by a colleague at my old Philly law firm: "He's a dirtbag; but he's our dirtbag." And I must confess to sharing that view to some extent, tending to think of Fumo as more a "rogue" or "rascal" than an outright crook. But, looking at it with a cold eye (and from outside Philly), I have to agree that the government largesse Fumo engineered for the city does not mitigate his crimes.


I find this quite disappointing. Fumo really is a crook and scumbag and deserves more jail time (or an honest explanation as to why he doesn't deserve more.) And Philadelphia really is regularly short-changed by the rest of the state. But this result essentially endorses crooked behavior as a means to, or at least acceptable because of, efforts to bring money to cities. The message seems to be that politics is always almost criminal or under-handed, and even if that's often accurate we ought to strive for something better. This sentence is a slap in the face for those wanting principled politics.


Further interesting commentary here (with which I largely agree) from Swarthmore College professor Tim Burke

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