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July 05, 2009


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Miriam A. Cherry

Noooo...! that is so sad, that someone might destroy the mounds... even more tragic they might end up as part of a wal-mart parking lot. Is there
I thought that moundsville was a state park... (?) ... I hope those mounds have more protection...

pat king

These people are no better than the ones who are bulldozing Civil War battlesites to build shopping malls. History is who we are. These
people are fools.


Hi Miriam--Moundville is a state park (and was the beneficiary of a lot of restorative work during by the WPA). It's really worth a visit--as you know--whenever folks are in the Tuscaloosa area. It's stunning, for sure.

I agree with you, Pat.


ya'll need to stop showing that picture and you neede to tell people that thatis not the mound the mound is a pile of rocks stacked up not that big hill that why people get sued everyday for slander and false information so if ya'll get sued i will laugh because thats what you get for lieing the way that you do so you get wat you deserve you spread lies and slander peoples name then you payout that money for those lies that you put out there retarts

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