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July 23, 2009


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Hmm, that person probably should not have gone to law school. She or he has a lot of the facts wrong, I'm pretty sure, for one thing. I also wonder what sort of people she or he spends time around, because I've spent a lot of time around law professors (more than the vast majority of non-professors, I'm sure), and there are lots and lots of people I've met who are regularly more pretentious and arrogant than law professors. And I don't think I have an unduly rosey view of law professors! It's true, though, that this person should probably to into another field

Tim Zinnecker

Get in line if you think I'm an "a-hole." One of my student evaluations actually said I was (so you KNOW it's true!)! ("You're a fourth tier law professor at a fourth tier law school, and you're also an a******.")

Michael Alexander

Tim Zinnecker, who sounds like he has the ability to laugh at himself, is aware of this post but the profs who are really the aholes are probably to busy being aholes!

My favorite evaluation I received was that the prosecutor lacks the competence a second year law student should possess. Then he said he had to let a "guilty" person go free b/c I couldn't "block and tackle." I don't get it, if he thought the person was guilty, what difference does it make that I cannot "block and tackle" ...

Kim Krawiec

Tim -- there's no way that you qualify as an a-hole (I'm quite the expert on such things). Now, Michael, we don't know whether this statement was intended as an insult without more information about the evaluator's baseline. If, for example, the speaker considers that most prosecutors lack the competence of a first year law student, then you're doing pretty well! (can't speak to your blocking and tackling skills -- or their relevance to your prosecutorial abilities).
Matt -- should we start our own list? "People who are more pretentious and arrogant than law professors"? Who goes at the top?


I said last year that law professors might be giving (then Senator) Obama a bad name -- though for different reasons than their personality:

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