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July 26, 2009


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Calvin Massey

Al, I can't let this one go. For Heineken to be on any top ten list of "beer" is a travesty. Anyway, the list should be confined to lagers and ales. Perhaps Heineken might be number ten on the lager list, but any mediocre ale is better than a lager (unless, possibly, it's a Bavarian or Austrian lager). Belgian beers are in a category of their own. So, the tough initial choice for this alcoholic reconciliation is lager, ale, stout, porter, Belgian, or pilsner. Good luck.

Eric Fink

Though I've been a lifelong (or at least adult lifelong) fan of Yuengling (especially the Porter), and used to represent the union at the Pottsville brewery, I find it hard to imagine anyone placing it at the head of a list of the world's best beers.

Anyway, since Al is also in North Carolina, I'll make a pitch here for my current favorite regional brewer: Duck Rabbit. They make a variety of dark brews, all wonderful, among which I'm especially fond of the Milk Stout. It's a bit much, though, in the heat of summer, when I'm partial to Natty Green's Wildflower (a witbier), made right here in Greensboro.

Kim Krawiec

Oh, thanks a lot Al! Now I’ve wasted half the day over at Rankopedia voting for, among other things, “Favorite Eastern Bloc Defector” ( and “Major Economic Scams in India” (


I just had the Ommegang Abbey Ale last night; it was terrific.

Other favorites: Abita Strawberry, Chimay Blue, Dogfish Head 90-Minute IPA, Duvel, Gulden Draak, and New Belgium 1554.


I like all the Ommegang beers, but think the Three Philosophers is their best. (Perhaps I'm prejudice.) I'd never had Yuengling before moving to Philadelphia but it's not a bad beer at all- better than Bud or Coors and not too expensive. It seems to fill the nitch that Henry Weinhards filled in the North West. (It's odd that what beer is "good" is very regional- when I was in college in the North west Rolling Rock was considered pretty cool.) I'm not very keen on Heineken, and
Carlsberg and question how they could be on any serious list. My favorite beer is the Dogfish head 120 minute IPA, but at $10 per 12oz bottle I can't afford to drink it that often. (It's likely to be too hoppy for many people, too.)

Jacqueline Lipton

ABC news seems to confirm Al's update on choice of beer:

Mark Weidemaier

The best suggestion, though, seems to be from the Toronto Star - - which suggests Collaboration Not Litigation Ale, a blend of Salvation, a belgian-style strong dark ale produced by California's justly-famed Russian River Brewing, and Salvation, a belgian-style strong pale ale brewed by Colorado's Avery Brewing Co. Rather than fight over the rights to the name Salvation, they combined the two beers into a new product. Ain't life grand?

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