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June 29, 2009


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Kevin Maillard

I think many of the reviews don't get around to it for sheer volume reasons. I have been very surprised to get a response from a journal 12 months after I submitted, and the article had already been published. To make it even more interesting, a colleague of mine received a "yes" from a top ten journal a year after deciding to publish with someone else. Too late there.


Percentage of schools that contacted me after the meat market ... (I should add that South Texas in fact did). Kettle, meet pot.

Tim Zinnecker

Anon, yes indeed. Many schools never contact candidates after the AALS hiring conference (I'm still waiting, and it's been over 15 years for me!). Many academics don't say "thanks" when they receive reprints. Why, I've known colleagues (in my own building!) who don't timely respond to emails or telephone inquiries. All of us, on both sides of the podium, could do a better job of practicing some of life's lessons learned in kindergarten, including the exercise of good manners.

joel dobris

young people rarely answer emails to them unless they feel like it, IMHO. why would they change as law review editors?

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