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June 19, 2009


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Oh, they don't make fun like that anymore, Dan. (Also, Styx will be there, too!) Maybe they'll bring City Stages back to Tuscaloosa now.

Spencer Waller

Sounds a lot like a day I spent in Soldier Field in the 70s with Rick Deringer, UFO, Bob Seger, and Peter Frampton.


I've been joking that this is actually the lineup for the Jefferson County Fair.

Kathy Stanchi

Speaking of Ted Nugent, he apparently has a new reality show in which he and his son Rocco hunt down contestants (free range reality show contestants) a la "The Most Dangerous Game." It's called Runnin' Wild From Ted Nugent. I do not know what happens when Ted and Rocco catch these people -- I guess that's part of the show's allure? Check it out. Maybe you could relive part of your youth by trying out.

Kathy Bergin

If only they'd add Def Leppard and Bon Jovi, who I've seen 9 times - twice over the age of 35.


Who played @ Superbowl of rock and roll Game 4 chicago ILL Solders Feild Frampton and ?????



Was wondering who all the bands were that played in Soldier's Field in Chicago that July 10, 1977. I can only remember Ted Nugent, Lynard Skynard,.38 (Caliber) Special, REO Speedwagon, Journey. I was there that day and still have my entire ticket as souvenier of all the chaos of being trampled and trampling the gate attendents,etc... can anyone who might have also been there that day remind me of the rest of the bands. I believe there were 9 altogether. What a long and chaotic day. Very awesome for its time!


Was at that show with Frampton (My first concert)...
The other bands were
UFO, Rick Derringer & Bob Seger....

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