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June 08, 2009


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David Friedman

Under availability

"It would be nice if you had office hours in the morning, too, but I probably wouldn't go, let's be honest."

Tim Zinnecker

Three from my hall of fame:

"Snappy dresser."

"Nods his head too much. Makes me think I'm being taught by a chicken."

"You're not only a fourth-tier law prof at a fourth-tier law school, but you're also an asshole."

Tim Zinnecker


Wow--we could also start a whole post on "nasty, unfair student evals." Of course, I haven't finished grading my other set of finals (I will! I will! Tonight!), so I haven't read the second set of evals yet.

Scott Boone

If you think things students say in student evaluations can be bad, try reading what students write on

Lumen Mulligan

From rate my
"I think he used to be hot, but he is kinda chubby now." Seriously.

Thomas Gallanis

Two of my favorites:

1. From my first semester of teaching, after I had come directly from being a graduate student: "Professor needs more ties." (I had only a few ties then, and I guess I had been recycling them too often.)

2. From the semester I was doing a coverage visit at Michigan, away from my regular post as a junior professor at Ohio State: "Prof. is great. Loved the class. Please don't get tenure at Ohio State, so you can come here and teach at Michigan." (Definitely from a student unclear on how law school hiring works....)

Michael Hussey

My personal favorite (from the general comment section):

"Hussey, You are hot. Will you marry me?" I was already married; so, no.

Jennifer Bard

"Professor Bard will answer any question--no matter how stupid"
From a first semester, first year law student.

Is that a compliment or a criticism?

Juliet Moringiello

Hi Nancy -

Great thread! Two of my recent favorites:

"Borderline between rude and hilarious." Hmm.

And from a recent Secured Transactions class: "Sometimes I need to be taught like I'm an idiot, so I thought that the text was too confusing."


"If I had enemies, I would instruct them to take this class."

Of course, maybe that's a compliment, since an enemy probably wouldn't take such advice. But in context, doesn't seem like one.

Eileen Scallen

When I taught Estates and Trusts, one student came up this ambiguous comment:
"because of Prof. Scallen, death has taken on a whole new meaning for me." My dean could not contain her glee when reading it to me at my annual evaluation.

Julian Cook

A student wrote that my criminal procedure exam was ridiculous (this was on an "exam evaluation" form). He wrote it in huge letters, all caps, underlined ridiculous three times, and had several exclamation points after the word. By the way, the student spelled ridiculous "REDICULOUS."

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