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June 26, 2009


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There is only one way for a state school to respond to political pressure on admissions: never give in. If you do, the pressure will just increase. It's like other ethical problems, lost virtue can never be recaptured.

Kevin Jones

Wait a minute, Dan. Are you seriously saying you think it's okay to admit an unqualified student (one that Hurd herself said would most likely fail out and/or never pass the bar) in return for five jobs for graduates? If so, I could not disagree more. I agree with you that Heidi's response was somewhat snarky, but she was also deadly serious, and her request was immediately followed up by an e-mail to the Governor's office directly asking for five jobs in government for U. of Illinois law graduates who hadn't passed the bar. You think that's okay?

Dan Filler

Kevin: Hardly!


Dan--thanks for this. This and the other recent story from Illinois (the DePaul dean firing) reminds me why tenure is important. Without it, governors and probably state legislators, too would be demanding that faculty be fired--and probably getting their demands met, too. Please keep both of these examples in mind the next time someone says tenure's not necessary.

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