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June 30, 2009


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I would think there'd be a lot of focus on the policy of ssi survivor benefits. I'd thought we had a strong policy in favor of providing support for minor children whose father or mother (or both) had passed away. And I thought that was also one of the benefits of paying social security--it's partly an insurance plan to pay to our children.

Kim Krawiec

Right. But these are not children whose parents passed away. They are children conceived after the passing of the parent. Not at all obvious to me how supporting the creation of *intentionally* fatherless (or motherless) children fits within the broader SSI policy goal. It's possible that it does, which is why I'm trolling for input here. But it seems to me that more is required to prove the point than reference to the underlying SSI policy objective of providing support for children that have lost a parent.

H. Hudson

If the people could not support the kids that they brought into the world intentionally "fatherless/motherless" then they should not have done it.

I am just mystified that people can spend great sums of money to create the children, but then have to rely on public assistance to support them.
I am sure it wasn't cheap to fertilize and implant the embryos into someone's womb. Also, octomom, I am looking at you.

In a similar type case, I can't believe the court allowed, I believe it was a man's mother to harvest her dead son's sperm because he had expressed an interest in having kids one day.
I know it was better for the court to error on the side of harvesting, but if someone fought the court order, would they then destroy the sperm?
I mean, he did not even have a significant other, it was his mom!

Am I the only one that sees a problem with this?
You couldn't donate someone's dead body without the proper paperwork, but you can harvest their gametes posthumously and make a person from them?! No written permission needed????

Kim Krawiec

Hey H -- I haven't seen this case of the mother harvesting her dead son's sperm. Do you have a case citation, or party name, or even the state in which it occurred? I'd like to read that one.

H. Hudson

Here you go, I only wish I had misremembered the facts.

Yeah, now she has a chance to have a grandson! Oh goody.

What are your thoughts on this case?

Kim Krawiec

Wow. Thanks for posting this, H. I admit that these fact patterns bother me, which is one reason I started looking into them. This will be useful. If you come across any others feel free to come back and post them here -- I'll keep an eye on the comments.

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