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June 10, 2009


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Jacqueline Lipton

Nancy: I understand your frustration on this count as I had a similar experience some years ago in a problem-based course that I was teaching. I conducted informal student evals halfway through the course and got pretty much the same response. I discussed it with the students and the compromise was that I would give a brief "mini lecture" before embarking on each problem. Thus, in a two hour session, the students would get 15-20 minutes of "mini lecture" to get them grounded and then would workshop problems after that. This seemed to work quite well. I didn't cover everything in the mini-lecture - just helped orient students to the issues they would have to deal with in the problems.


That's a good idea. I tried orienting them w/a lecture on the Code sections that the problems would be covering that day, but apparently some of them want more. I'll mull over your ideas, and I sure appreciate them!

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