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June 17, 2009


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How can the federal government, go around the Constitution to make or inforce laws which are clearly punishment when applied retroactively?

At the time of the 2003 SCOTUS decision, possibly the minimal effort required to register as a sex offender, reporting 1 time a year by mail...NO PUBLIC REGISTRY, no residencey restrictions....the forced registration was NOT truly a punishment.
Now, however, once labled a sex offender, hundreds of new laws are imposed which effectively, and admittedly by Congressman Scott(D-Virginia) on Video, ( effectively End Life for anyone who is on the registry, which imposition of all the new retroactive laws targeting all who are successfully labeled sex offender, is in fact the cuelest form of punishment.
Good intentions in lawmaking does not discount bad effects.

I national crime is being committed every day the retroactive application of any sex offender legislation is allowed to stand.

william steele

"layman" I entered a plea, without knowing the punishment....when my plea was entered, an offender could petition the state after ten years for removal from registration. Now the state passed a law stating lifetime registration. Siting conflict with federal law, they dismiss all petitions for removal. I have completed my probation, and accepted a plea to "with hold" adjudication. Every notification sent to my neighbors states I am a "convicted" sex offender. The list of insults is endless.... I figure this is why it is so hard to begin a resolution.

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