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April 20, 2009


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Ah, many, many congratulations to Annette Gordon-Reed! Very exciting news for her and the entire community who work in race and history.


And to Doug Blackmon, too. We spoke a little about Slavery by Another Name here:

Tim Zinnecker

It would be rather interesting to compare winning bid prices for these books on eBay over the last three weeks with the next three weeks. One would expect a "bump" in price, particularly for first editions.

I have Strout's earlier book "Abide With Me" on my shelf (along with at least 100 other unread novels). Now I'm tempted to expedite its review. I feel sorta like an articles editor!

Leslie Friedman

I was fortunate enough to see "Ruined" a month or so ago at Manhattan Theatre Club. It is an outstanding piece--beautifully written, emotion- and thought-provoking, and, in the production I saw, incredibly well acted. I cannot recommend it highly enough.


Two more things: I see from the Chronicle that Elizabeth Strout is a professor at Queens University Charlotte, NC:

Also, she has a law degree from Syracuse University.

Quite a year for lawyers and Pulitzers!

john swift

What's up with that second sentence in Abide with Me? Did some editor miss something?

air jordan 13

Studies this matter, lacks the time, but is lacks diligently#.

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