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April 17, 2009


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Hmmmm, I'd take an offer from any of the journals you named before UC-Irvine. You don't accept publication "knowing" it will be a solid top 20 placement because you *don't* know UC-Irvine will be a top 20 school.

That said, some of this probably depends on where you are in the academic food chain. If you are aspiring or untenured, you probably take one of the other offers because you don't know how UC Irvine will end up being considered, but at least in the interim, you assume people will not see it as competitive of a placement as the journals you mentioned. If you are already tenured, why not roll the dice since you're not as deeply emersed in these types of proxy-games?


I don't think UCI plans to continue perpetually to offer free tuition, so its application volume is likely to decrease, and correspondingly its acceptance rate to increase. Not sure why to expect otherwise.

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