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April 29, 2009


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Someone had some fun with the thesaurus tonight...


How reliable do people suppose the Judge/practitioner rankings are? My guess would be that many of them are based mostly on prior rankings (top schools get top rankings, baring any bad experience with graduates), local schools are ranked in a way that has some value as evidence, and all the others are largely garbage, even more so than the faculty rankings. (Outside the top 50 or so I don't have that much faith in the faculty rankings, either.) I guess that if there is a wide enough dispersion of responders this "local bias" might wash out, but I'm skeptical. Of course, what judges and lawyers think about various law schools is important and useful information for students, but I just doubt that it has much value outside of a local area most of the time, and that's not what we get from the USNews ranking, or one that uses the judge/practitioner ranking.

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