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April 29, 2009


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I think that the idea of a law school in Boise isn't inherently dumb, but that both of these ideas are bad ones. The most reasonable thing to do would be for BSU to start a law school. (Right now the closest law school to Boise is the University of Utah. The University of Idaho is both further away and harder to get to.) I don't know that Boise _needs_ a law school, but the reasonable thing would be to have it attached to BSU, a school with deep local ties and that has been expanding and improving. (I'm a BSU grad so not disinterested in the fortune of the school, but not personally interested, either.) Concordia has no ties and no record. It likely would never be a very good school, just a money-maker (at best) for the home university. The U of I branch idea would always be a poor step-sister. The very idea was put forward only to keep BSU from developing a law school, not for its own merits. (There is a lot of conflict between the two schools, in part because BSU has made strong advances on U of I in many fields and, amusingly, because BSU now dominates U of I in football. But, of the Idaho legislator members who went to college at all, most of them went to U of I, so it gets lots of support there over BSU.) If a law school starts in Boise at all I hope it will be attached to BSU, as that will be its best bet for not being terrible and having a real future.

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