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April 27, 2009


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Have you seen the Robert Solow review of the book in NYRB? I thought it was very good:

A relevant quotation:
Judge Posner evidently writes the way other men breathe. I have to say that the prose in this book often reads as if it were written, or maybe dictated, in a great hurry.

Sometimes, even when things are moving quickly, I can't help but think that half again as much time for reflection might lead to twice as much value being gained.


For what it's worth, Charles Black and Richard Posner are two of a kind. We all know about Posner's speed. Rumor has it that Black wrote his great book on impeachment in a weekend.


Vladimir--that was one mighty productive weekend! I remember Black telling the story of writing impeachment and it's along the lines you said. Very fast--inspired, of course, by events that were unfolding at just that speed.

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