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March 24, 2009


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You lost me at the end of Mammoun's.

Turd Ferguson

This is not funny

Jake Stevens

Not sure that someone named "Turd" is the best judge of what it funny.

Anonymous prof

You're a week early for April Fool's Day.


I remember being at an NYU alumni event at Rockefeller Center in the mid-1990s. Dean Sexton presented two ideas. One idea was to raise enough money that no law student would need to pay tuition; instead, once a graduate, the attorney would be so thankful he or she would make substantial donations. The other idea was a "take over" of YLS. He said Yale had the brand name recognition, while NYU had the location.


If this were true, the most significant aspect of the story would be the loss of Mamoun's. Their falafel is top notch.

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