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February 25, 2009


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Mark Steiner wrote a great article on the Houston YMCA's law school in the Journal of Legal Education a few years back.

Larry Sheldon

"approximately 24% are diversity students"

That would be "Affirmative Action" enrollees like our President?


"approximately 24% are diversity students." I'm sure each and every one of those "diversity students" is so grateful to be given the opportunity to study the law alongside the "regular students" and to attend classes taught by "regular professors" like yourself.

Michael Alexander

What does it mean that two appellate courts are tenants in the building? Does that mean two judges have offices in the building?

Tim Zinnecker

There are several Texas appellate civil courts. Two of those courts (each with multiple judges) -- in our case the "1st Court of Appeals" and the "14th Court of Appeals" -- reside on floors at the top of our building. The history predates my arrival in 1994. For security reasons, access to those courts is through separate doors/elevators.

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