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February 14, 2009


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Thanks, Dan--I look forward to eating at Kim's Dragon soon. People who enjoy eating from lunch trucks may also be interested in the law and norms of spaces for lunch trucks. Gregory Duhl has written some on this, with reference to Philadelphia lunch trucks in particular.


I'll have to look in to it then next time I'm in town. For truck Chinese I always went to, and greatly enjoyed, one of the "Lee Ahn" trucks. (I never remember if it's the "original" or the "real" that I like, but it's the one run by a couple and on North side of spruce street while the one I don't like is on the South side.) Cheap and yummy. If Kim's Dragon can beat it, it must be good.


According to the Drexel Triangle Review: "I chose sweet and sour chicken, which also included fried rice, chicken lo mein, an egg roll." This reaks "I know nothing about Chinese food, so I ordered the most American-seeming things on the menu."


Hey when you get the opportunity, you should also visit the other singapore tourist attractions . What you have visited might have been good, but there are still a couple more attractions you can visit. The zoo, birdpark etc..

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I can't vouch for the rest of the menu - and this Drexel Triangle review stands in stark oppostion to my impressions. (For reviews of Penn food trucks, look here.) And I can't speak to the cleanliness of this food - the city restaurant inspector has been less than enthused by the truck's compliance with code. But I reassure myself that trucks always carry a bit of extra health risk - how else can they serve such fine food at bargain basement prices?

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According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization estimates for 2001–2003, 12% of the population of the People’s Republic of China was undernourished. The number of undernourished people in the country has fallen from 386.6 million in 1969–1971 to 150.0 million in 2001–2003

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Prior to the increased industrialization and modernization following the establishment of the People's Republic of China in 1949, a typical Chinese peasant would have eaten meat or animal products (including eggs) rarely and most meals would have consisted of rice accompanied with green vegetables, with protein coming from foods like peanuts and soy products. Fats and sugar were luxuries not eaten on a regular basis by most of the population. With increasing wealth, Chinese diets have become richer over time, consuming more meats, fats, and sugar.

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I love learning about all kinds of food and international dishes in the world
and thus knowing of the cultures...


Kim's appearance a decidedly adorable atramentous bean sauce, but their Singapore noodles are accomplished as well.

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