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February 17, 2009


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Andrew Siegel

I'll go you one better, Al. I was a graduate student at Princeton writing about nineteenth-century legal education and I never heard a peep about Princeton's Law School.

Rick Garnett

Doesn't Princeton (kind of) have a great law school now? Law and Public Affairs?


Lionel Hutz diudnt look that old in those episodes of "the Simpsons."


That's an excellent point, Rick.

Princeton's law faculty (that is people who've taught in law schools) is fabulous: Anne-Marie Slaughter (she's being spoken about as dean for Harvard Law School--so we can make her the dean of PLS), Chris Eisgruber, Stanley Katz, Dirk Hartog, Lawrence Rosen, Kim Scheppele, Keith Whittington. Then there are the faculty write on law and have law degrees: Paul Frymer, Robbie George; and others who write on law, like Steve Macedo and Peter Brooks (who I just learned is at Princeton now). I'm sure I'm leaving out a bunch of folks.

Seems like it's time to call Brian Leiter and have him add the PLS to his ranking of the most productive faculty!

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