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January 07, 2009


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My understanding is that the Illinois search is still on-going, if you want to note those, too. There's some reason to think it will be done soon, but I don't have any inside information.

Howard Wasserman

Florida International University began its dean search in the fall.

Mike Dimino

Arizona is also in the midst of a dean search.


Gold was named Dean at Loyola


Well, the Illinois search didn't last much longer!
(seen via Leiter). Good for the historians, maybe.

Brian Leiter

Well, I don't generally post speculation on my blog, but I will speculate in the comments of *your* blog. My bet is John Manning will be the next Dean of Harvard.


The Dean at St. Johns passed away recently.

Elizabeth Leonard

University of Washington: Jim Chen, Larry Gostin, Patricia White, Kellye Teste, finalists.


Rutgers is getting a candidate visit from Douglass Cassel.


Kentucky has announced finalists:


Vanderbilt Dean Ed Rubin just stepped down. They're initiating a search.

Who knows 1) who they'll get next, and 2) where Rubin will go next, assuming he doesn't stay at Vanderbilt?

David Abraham

Howard Wasserman

Florida International: Brennen withdrew. Campus invitees (not "finalists") include Acosta, Joel Friedman, Gurule, Jose Juarez, and Picker.

David Levine

Nell Newton to Notre Dame

Ken H. Spam

Professor Diller from Fordham to be new dean of Cardozo.

Jim Chen

My understanding is that the Florida International University dean search includes Katharine Van Tassel, professor of law at Western New England College, in the same round of finalists that includes Acosta, Friedman, Gurule, Juarez, and Picker. I'd recommend an update "above the line" that reflects the entire FIU field and includes Van Tassel of WNEC alongside the other finalists.


The University of Chicago is currently looking for a new dean.


Thurgood Marshall School of Law, Texas Southern University has an opening as of August 31, 2009.

Callie Anson

You missed Southern Illinois University, which is dealing with incredible central administration incompetence. Dean Peter Alexander announced his June 30, 2009 resignation in March of 2008 and, to date, an Interim Dean has not been named and a search committee has not been charged. Sixteen months have passed and there is still no Interim Dean in place! This is insane and it should be a warning to anyone seeking to apply for that deanship when it opens.


Phoenix School of Law is hiring for the position of Dean.

Phoenix School of Law (“PhoenixLaw”) seeks applications for the position of Dean. The law school seeks a candidate who has: 1) an outstanding track record of imaginative, strategic, and visionary leadership for a rapidly expanding law school; 2) extraordinary administrative talent; 3) interpersonal skills to work with a diverse faculty, staff, and student population; 4) a commitment to the mission objectives of PhoenixLaw; and 5) a desire to share in the strategic objectives of the InfiLaw consortium of law schools. Interested candidates should contact [email protected]. Please visit for the full announcement.

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