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December 10, 2008


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Tom Pastorius

I have only recently been introduced to The Faculty Lounge and read with great interest about the Francis Daniel Pastorius Conference. I have long felt that the history books never gave him the recognition he deserved. Perhaps this conference will help rectify this.
I was flattered to be referenced by Alfred Brophy in the last sentence of his December 10, 2008 posting and would have been happy to donate Penn Brewery beer for the conference but regretably I have sold the company and retired as of September 2008. Yes, a Bee Hive Ale would have been nice. (Remember that first Penn Pilsner bottle label of 1986? It had the seal of Germantown on it.) None the less I'll try to be in the audience on October 23 - 24.


Tom! I'm really looking forward to meeting you and hearing some family stories.


Just a quick note that this Faculty Lounge post about the Pastorius Conference in October 2009 is lately making the rounds among other Pastorius relatives in PA. Tom is my mother's cousin, and I suspect that we will try to gather a few of the relatives for the conference.

Do you know if the "Young County Clerk's Collection" or the turn of the 20th century biography are available through the PA state archives and library? I work in Harrisburg and would love to look into this.

Alfred Brophy

Hi JimK--just saw your comment. Glad to hear that some of the Pastorius kin will be at the conference. Now that we're in the age of "beer summits" and "beer diplomacy" perhaps we can all drink some Penn Pilsner together? And I'll be most interested in hearing family stories about Pastorius and his descendants.

The early 20th century biography by Marion Learned is available in full text on

(Or just search in google for Pastorius Learned and it's the first hit.)

The Young Country Clerk's Collection is a manuscript book, which is in the U.Penn rare books room. I think it's the first law book written in British North America; however, it was never published. I ordered a microfilm copy nearly 20 years ago; I think it was about $15--I'm sure it's gone up some since then. It may be available through interlibrary loan, too.

A lot of the book are forms -- wills, land sale contracts, agreements to arbitrate disputes and the like. Another part of it -- which I never studied -- has forms for letters, too. There may be something pretty interesting in it.

You may find the "Young Country Clerk's Collection" less interesting than the "Bee Hive," which has a lot of Pastorius' poetry and his encyclopedia. You'll likely really enjoy that. Major parts of the "Bee Hive" are reprinted in the Learned biography I linked to above.

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