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December 18, 2008


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For two years several years ago I lived in Albany NY. One of the few good things in Albany when I lived there was a bar called "Mahar's" that had hundreds of beers at any time and a "beer tour" that you could take and earn various prizes for trying different numbers of beers. (I'm a proud owner of a "Mahar's Beer Tour" T-shirt for having tried 75 beers.) One I tried there was Silverback # 9 Gorilla Ale, a very strong beer (about 8 or 9% alc.) brewed with coffee grounds. Bitter and strong, if you drank more than a few you'd end up drunk and unable to sleep. After that the other caffine/alcohol combos didn't seem too appealing to me. (Sadly, when I went back to Albany to take the Bar exam a while ago I was sad to find that while Mahar's is still around it's apparently under new ownership or management and not as good. Another strike against Albany.)


Pipeline Porter, from Hawaii's Kona Brewing Co., is brewed with coffee and is really delicious, especially with a good wintery meal.


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I am a coffee lover, I can't live without coffee at all.I'm not drinking alcohol, I don't like the taste of it.Thanks for the post.



Caffeinated beverages are one of the most common mixers for cocktails for the last 100 years… isn’t that proof that mixing caffeine and alcohol isn’t inherently wrong? Rum and cola, Irish Coffee, Hot Toddy’s etc.

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