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October 19, 2008


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on a somewhat related note - has AALS ever explained why the hiring conference must always be held at a location that, with its two 'towers,' is remarkably inconvenient for job candidates who have to keep racing from one to the other? who at AALS is responsible for choosing the location, and why does that person (or committee) show such indifference to the needs of job candidates?


If the Marriott is also beign questioned, how about choosing a hotel that costs less than $200/night? Or mixing it up and holding this event in different cities - Chicago? Atlanta? Northern or Southern Califnria? Denver? DC cant be the only place where AALS can go. Seriously.

Tamara Piety

The Wardman Park is apparently (according to my sources in the AALS) one of the few conference hotels with a sufficient number of rooms and suites in order to hold a conference this size. Really. the building layout is difficult to figure out when you are not familiar with it. But I would hope all the interviewers have some sense of this and will not assume that it is just an excuse if the candidate says he or she was delayed because of difficulty finding the room. Tulsa is in the fortunate position of having at least two, and possibly more (depending on a number of things that are unknown at present) positions so candidates can rest assured that we are definitely looking to make new hires, economy notwithstanding.

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