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September 11, 2008


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Jamison Colburn

"new levels of upper middle class parental paranoia" . . . really? I have to say: I don't think you've seen the real thing, friend. this is tame compared to real middle class parental paranoia. besides, the blog seems to be populated mostly with the posts of another nanny . . . ratting out the competition.


There was a NY Times article on this blog and phenomena a while ago. Some other blog (I can't remember which one) posted on it and I was surprised and saddened to see people on it (law professors or lawyers, it seemed) arguing, with a straight face, that this sort of thing was necessary because they, the wealthy employers of the nannies, were weak and powerless in the face of the nannies who could control their every whim. It was truly shocking and pathetic to see these wealthy, privileged people insist that this sort of thing was necessary because otherwise they just would not have enough protection against these powerful women.

Ann Bartow

I agree with you that the blog is appalling for a lot of reasons, but I have to ask: On what basis do you conclude it is "Angry White Mothers" who are providing the blog fodder? Because my first guess, if I was guessing, would be angry women-hating men.


So these mothers care about their children and want to make shure they're safe and they're angry, racist and paranoid. I guess black people know the most about raising children since theirs always turn out so well. Maybe if the black or hispanic nannies where more attentive at their jobs they wouldn't be reported and then angry white mothers wouldn't have to be "racist"


i love you post

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