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August 14, 2008


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Yea this is the same trick every time.

K in Va.

Everyone needs a second change. Why should a felon pay taxes? In some states a felon can't receive federal aid, houseing, or education. If a felon have his/her own business, and paying taxes. It would be taxation without represention. Our government need to do the right thing, and enclude this people in the American illusion of a dream. You can't be free, if you brother is disenfranish. It could be you!!!!

Fla Con

X-Felon here ,Plead guilty like roughly 90% of all felony convictions in the US . Cant get a job, can t drive,"alleged" victim was hidden in the back of my 30k pickup came to life on the highway decided to play bongo drums on my roof. Would any of you wiped out at 65 mph if a bowling ball was thrown on you roof ? Any way here in Fla no matter how good of a middle aged prisoner or other things you do you re now and always will be an X-Con Real Sad

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I cannot subscribe to your Feed. Please help?

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I thought it was enjoyable at best.*

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Tomorrow is an other day!@

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