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August 19, 2008


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Jason Mazzone

How about this statistic (I think I have counted right): Of the top 100 law authors at SSRN based on downloads, just five are women, and not a single woman is in the top 50.

[To see the list, at follow the link to Legal Scholarship Network then the link to Top Authors; log in is required to view the data.]

Dan Markel

I've posted on this paper over at

Ann Bartow

Jason, are you prepared to say that the SSRN Top 100 Law Authors are the most important legal scholars in the academy? And is it your impression that the articles published at the most elite law reviews get the most downloads?

Jason Mazzone


The SSRN list is what it is: the authors and papers most frequently downloaded. As to the interesting issue of correlation with law review placement, I don't have an impression either way. But the usefulness of the SSRN list is we don't need to rely on impressions--somebody who is so inclined can figure it out.

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