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July 19, 2008


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You have a great blog. I love mid-century modern, but only own one piece so far. It is so true about that "Cocktail Hour" photo. If it was presented with other pictures of modern spaces as being current, I doubt anyone would be the wiser.

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this woman is sure she and megan fox are the two sexiest women on the planet to my opinion, are not that fantasies that arouse men and women.
Kathleen T. Ryan
Lane Tecumsah 3209
Cedar Rapids, IA 52 401

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Well, anything that numbs your eyes has to have a load of bad ingredients in them. Just because these companies are trying to green up their image doesn't mean they are really moving forward. I think that the care of our babies has to be the first and foremost. Glad you shared this with so many.

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