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July 09, 2008


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Colin Samuels

I'm reminded of a comment an English friend once made. He remarked that he believed "obsession with outrageously large beverages" had become a defining characteristic of the American people, right up there with love of democracy, free speech, guns, and cars. I commended him for his keen observations and went for my complimentary refill.


Yes, but you got to keep in mind that the small tube is worth its weight in gold because its the only one you can take onto the airplane.


My mother always taught me to look at unit pricing. This is precisely why.

A similar thing happened to me at Trader Joe's. I always bought a 1 lb. bag of frozen berries.

Turns out the 12 oz. carton was cheaper per ounce, after I did a price comparison.

If you just rely an advertisers and marketers, they'll get you with bogus bonus packaging.

More often now, it's not cheaper to buy in bulk.


My wife and I have recently noticed quite a few grocery ads that contain "promotions" with a hyped large-ounce product. When we get to the store, we often find the smaller, not promoted size to be cheaper per unit, even after the discount on the larger item. Most of her students have trouble with the idea of unit prices, and I'm sure this strategy works for others who think "promotions" must be good deals.

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