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June 16, 2008


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David S. Cohen

This is what I think is so wonderful (and progressive) about the TV show "30 Days." It's by the director of "Supersize Me" and puts him and others in the position of living the lives of other people for 30 days. The first show was him and his fiance trying to subsist on minimum wage jobs (turning the written words of Barbara Ehrenreich's Nickle and Dimed into a TV show). The first episode of this season was life as a coalminer. I believe last week's was life in a wheelchair.

Kathleen Bergin

I couldn't agree more. Supersize Me was eye-opening enough, but the TV show goes above and beyond. On the impact of empathy, a friend of a friend (seriously) takes a 2 week vacation every year to pick strawberries with migrant workers as a way to keep mindful of the physical and economic hardship facing most of the world's people. An intersting variant I suppose of the "volunteer vacation."

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