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May 12, 2008


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Future Prof

As an aspiring law professor, I'd be curious to hear any thoughts on how to pursue VAP positions at law schools which do not actively advertise such openings. For instance, there are several schools listed above who do not appear on Paul Caron's excellent list:

Thanks in advance.

B. Ross

Speaking as a person who just went through the process, to find VAP positions that are not advertised I would first go through the listing of faculty at various schools to see if they have a Visting Assistant Professor currently on their faculty and second, look at recent tenure-track faculty and see if and where they served as a VAP. At that point, you can either go through your advisors to see if they have a contact point at that law school to inquire about who to contact for such positions or just send a package to the hiring chair at that law school expressing interest in a VAP position. I'd be happy to share my process if you want to know more.

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