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May 11, 2008


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Marc J. Randazza

It does seem like a very bizarre topic for discussion at However, you seem to have a little bit of a misunderstanding about how the intertubes work.

1) I'm sure that Jeff Bezos didn't start the discussion thread.
2) I'm sure that Jeff Bezos doesn't know the thread exists.
3) The threads are user-created. Amazon provides a public space for discussion, what users do with that is up to them.

Its like you go to a bar. There are big tables where anyone can sit down. At table 1, people are talking about how to cook eggplant. At the next table, people are talking about anti-semitism. The bar owner is just providing the tables.

Also, it seems that your umbrage might be a bit misplaced. If you look at that thread, it *appears* that the first comment in the thread is suggesting that there is nothing morally wrong with homosexuality. If bigots jumped in to disagree, so what? Add your comment! What discussions like that need is for the bigots to see that they are outnumbered, and for our sexual minority brothers and sisters to see that they are not alone -- not complaining that "people are talking about something bad over there."

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