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May 22, 2008


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I'm curious: does this blog show any evidence of respecting anything like conservative values?

Or is this all liberal, all the time, and no perversion is too wrong to celebrate and advance?

Do you honorable professors really think that conservative morality is a sign of "unevolved status" as your co-blogger stated?

And would you ever, ever even consider asking a Professor to share your faculty lounge who doesn't think that Obama is God on Earth, and the courts have the duty to ram liberalism and immorality down the throat of an unwilling nation?

I can only imagine the horror here if someone like a professor from BYU Law, or Regent University was allowed to post--who could let a knuckle-dragger in like that? Why, next you might make a claim that incest is wrong! And we all know morality is stupid.

Isn't that the message of your blog, monsieur's? Morality is wrong, so are Republicans, and damn anyone to the right of Stalin? I shudder to think of your students, who probably don't dare make an argument along the lines of "marriage between a man and a woman is actually preferred." They might not get a good grade, would they? After all, such a clearly erroneous position is a sign of an untrained mind, and we can't have someone so uneducated as a lawyer, now, can we?

John C

Congratulations, Faculty Lounge! You have attracted what I believe to be your first troll! How quickly they grow . . .


Has anyone reading this blog been to a restaurant that has a multiple-occupant co-ed restroom, or know anything about the prevalence of this trend? I have been to two different restaurants (each in a different city in California), each intimidatingly hip and extremely upscale, and each with a single large restroom for men and women to share, with individual stalls around the periphery and a communal sink in the middle. I found using these restrooms a very interesting experience (and I'm not saying that with a wink-wink nudge-nudge, I simply mean that it was a novel experience for me, and I found my reflexive reaction to it, primarily embarrassment, interesting but not that problematic or difficult to get over). Just wondering how many people out there have run into this phenomenon, and what you think of it.

Anonymous Gentleman Law Student

Ah, the classic ad hominem.

I've sat in Prof Filler's class, Vanceone. Neither I nor anyone else fear being marked down based on our political views, whatever they might be.

The Three Billy Goats Gruff are over at Above the Law - maybe you'll have more luck there.


Interesting thoughts. Very amusing as well.

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