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May 22, 2008


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My question is this: Where does this end? Will the fanatical gay rights promoters be satisfied with legalized gay marriage? History shows they won't be.

What happens when a parent objects to gay marriage being taught in class? You can't tell me this isn't already happening. Is the parent labeled a bigot and their children taken away for them so they won't be raised bigoted? After all, any parent who disagrees with gay marriage is not tolerant, politically correct, and probably not suitable for raising kids, right?

What happens when some church doesn't follow suit and refuses to marry gays? Of course, freedom of religion and all, but certainly government shouldn't allow such a bigoted organization to get tax breaks, so any and all deductions to religious organizations, plus tax exemptions on income received by said churches, won't pass any strict scrutiny, right? After all, how can tax breaks for organizations that deliberately discriminate against gays pass strict scrutiny, which is the new standard for any law impacting sexual orientation according to California? No law passes strict scrutiny anymore, right?

Slippery slope? Well, I note the author of this post is glad that it's not a generation into the future for gay marriage. Why won't my scenarios take place?
How long before it's a mental disorder to not fully support gay rights as THEY define it?

And when will pedophile rights be legalized, too?

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