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April 27, 2008


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Charlotte Law School lost 50% of its faculty in its first year of existence:

Duncan Alford
Howard Katz (visiting at Capital U after just one year at Charlotte)
Jacki Knapman (visiting at Catholic U after just one year at Charlotte)
Jeffery Knight

The secretary to the Academic Dean left before the end of the first academic year.


Robert Howse from Michigan to NYU


Jay Mootz from Penn State to UNLV.

Which makes seven tenured departures from Penn State this year.


David Moran from Wayne State to Michigan

Jamie Colburn

Appearances can deceive. I'll be joining Penn State in the fall: it is an exciting time for the law school and the university!

Zak Kramer

I echo Jamie's comments. And I'll be joining Penn State in the fall as well.


Any chance in this getting updated shortly?


More Vermont Law School hires this year:

John Echeverria from Georgetown (to begin in '09)
John Nolon from Pace


Vermont's hire is Sean (not John) Nolon from Pace.


And law professors can be deceived too. The outflow of tenured PSU senior faculty points the other direction. Given the school's aspirations and expenditures, their inability to recruit T14 J.D. faculty nor keep the T14's they had is more probative than a sunny edict from an incoming hire.


David Law from University of San Diego School of Law and the Department of Political Science at the University of California, San Diego to Washington University St. Louis


I'm surprised no one's commented on the great hiring by Seattle U. Adding Delgado, Stefanic, Robert Chang from Loyola and Dean Spade, an entry level affiliated with UCLA and Harvard, to their faculty will make them critical identity scholarship powerhouse.


George Geis from Alabama to Virginia
Alfred Brophy from Alabama to UNC


Not surprised to see people always coming and going from PSU. Dean Phil wants his own people in positions and he's been raiding Illinois and other top schools for years now so some people had to go. Those names on the list haven't been there for a long time, most were fairly recent hires in the past 4 or 5 years part of Dickinson's attempt at "diversity" in the mid-2000s (which may have been a failed experiment, who knows.)

Plus, if you went to PSU, looking at the names on that list you'd have an idea why they might be leaving. It looks to be the "far left" professors with certain shall we say "distinct" characteristics are being weeded out. Minorities/Environmentalists/Human Rights Activists/Alternative Lifestyle (two are married) types. Moving into an even more central PA "conservative" area in University Park may make some professors yearn for more liberal pastures.

Plus, according to rumors from numerous PSU alums, one of those names on there was certainly not a voluntary manuever and she was fired for a scandal with a student and is getting a high profile divorce over it.

As someone who has had most of those profs who are now "gone" in class, PSU is in all likelihood better off. None of them are top scholars or great in the classroom outside of Storrow who is entertaining (but perhaps for the wrong reasons)and Mootz is solid. Gatter is a nice guy but I never had a class with him so I can't gauge him. But the others were well-known by students to be a little off in the classroom and a couple of them had well-known personality clashes with students and administrators.

And while Mootz is a loss, he also perpetrated one of the most inhumane classroom experiences I've ever been a part of. After burying my cousin as a pallbearer in the morning, I went to his Sales class that afternoon and despite an e-mail asking for leniency and telling him I had not read/wasn't prepared because of my cousin's tragic death - I was called on, embarassed and made to feel like a fool in front of 97 classmates until someone finally bailed me out.

So to the average student I don't see these guys as any big losses. I heard John Knox left, he was one hell of a professor. One of the best I had. Him leaving was a big loss.

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