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April 26, 2008


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David Eisenberg

I am watching with sadness the slow dilution of 4th Amendment protection, from National Security Letters to inventory searches. Yet, dog sniffing does not bother me. Ask yourself this -- if a trained dog sitting at a traffic stop near Disney World signals its owner that a car contained traces of nitroglycerine or other explosive, would you find that different? It is the same legal issue. How about if what is discovered is drugs far more potent than pot? Again, it is the same legal issue. Or, would you have a problem if an officer with a highly sensitive snout smelled the pot in a car stopped for a ticket. Should the fact that a dog sniffed it out make a difference?

I don't believe recreational use of pot does anyone any good, and have never indulged myself, but I am for its legalization, at least at home or in other semi-private environments. That anyone ever would spend a minute in jail for smoking it is offensive to me. But, that issue should not be mixed up with 4th amendment issues and I believe that sometimes happens with this issue.

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