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April 22, 2008


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Patrick S. O'Donnell


First, thanks for mentioning this to those hanging out in the Lounge.

You're absolutely right that these lists "necessarily reflect signficant choices on his [my] part," especially insofar as they do not aim to be exhaustive. And as I state in the introductory post, they're bound to be a bit idiosyncratic. However, I'm hoping to have done enough reading in each of these areas so that they're at least representative of work in their respective domains, indeed, so that they contain a good deal of the creme-de-la-creme from each subject (my wife, adult children, students, and close friends will all testify to the painful veracity of that endeavor). I welcome comments, suggestions, etc. from experts in any of the fields of inquiry (and of course non-experts should feel free to chime in too).

The total number of bibliographies thus far is actually seven (7), as the lists for "bioethics" and "ecological and environmental worldviews" are discrete, as are the bibliographies for "international law," "human rights" and "comparative law." However, the former two and the latter three were posted respectively at the same time, hence the confusion (although you can download them separately).

(Incidentally, I happen not to 'believe' in online courses for most fields of intellectual inquiry, let alone the law.)

All good wishes,

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