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April 14, 2008


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I think it's far more likely that the new "Delta" (Northwest is losing its name) will shut down the former-Northwest's Detroit hub before it closes the Minneapolis hub. Detroit is a shrinking city in terms of both population and economic activity. I don't know about the growth or shrinkage of Minneapolis, but I'd be comfortable enough betting that it's doing better than Detroit these days. Also, there just doesn't seem to be any advantage to having two Northern hubs, whereas there might still be an advantage to keeping a Southern hub. Just some thoughts.

Roger Dennis

For those who study issues of regional economic development, the presence or loss of a hub is a huge issue. One of the basic parameters in business site location decision making is the availability of non-stop flights to other business centers. The domos of Philadelphia were deeply scared when it looked like USAIR would not be able to maintain its Philly hub.

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