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April 27, 2008


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Alex Geisinger


Interesting comment. However, I do think there is at least one flaw in your reasoning. It is not just (or even much) what actual law professors actually do that influences what the public thinks about us. Rather, it is how the stereotypical (or prototypical) image of law professors is created that probably informs most people's understanding of the profession. My sense is that we are painted in part the way that you describe.


Absolutely, Alex--there's, of course, a possibility (indeed, I'd say a high likelihood) of a difference between public perception and what we do.

So there's the question: what does the public think we do? I might have thought--based on The Paper Chase and maybe Legally Blond and maybe interviews with former law professors (like Justice Breyer and Justice Scalia)--that the public thinks we talk about really dull and boring stuff (and that maybe we terrorize people).

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