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April 10, 2008

A List Of Current Law School Dean Searches


Moved to the top April 10.  As always, I encourage readers to provide any additional information.

A couple of months ago, a colleague from another law school suggested I start a new list: a compilation of all current law school dean searches.  This seems like a great idea, particularly since blogs have turned into excellent ways for faculty exchange information on law school hiring.  In that spirit, I am hereby soliciting any and all information on current law school searches.  I'll start with the few I am aware of (though corrections are always encouraged and invited.)   Note that some of these searches are at late stages, and others are very much in progress.  (Big thanks to Brian Leiter for finalist info which I've included here.)  Update: I will add have been adding additional information as it comes in to create the most accurate list possible.  Based on Rob Kar's good suggestion, I will also link to the job postings where I have them.

Arizona St.  (Finalists: Paul Schiff Berman and Kevin Johnson)

Buffalo (Finalists: Leon Trakman, Bruce Smith, and Margaret Raymond)

UC Davis


Hamline (Donald Lewis named dean.)

Houston (Finalists: Neil Cogan, Linda Greene, Craig Nard, Raymond Nimmer) (Raymond Nimmer named dean.)




Loyola L.A.


New Mexico

Northern Illinois



Richmond (John Douglass named dean.)

Temple (Finalists: JoAnne Epps, Paul Schiff Berman, and Wendell Pritchett) (JoAnn Epps named dean.)

Tennessee (Doug Blaze named dean.)

Texas Wesleyan (Frederic White named dean.)

Virginia (Paul Mahoney named dean.)

University of Washington (Finalists: Mary Anne Bobinski, Gregory Hicks, Steven Wilborn, and Lawrence Zelenak)

West Virginia (Finalists: Marion Crain, Mary Davis, H. Marshall Jarrett, Joyce McConnell, Alfred Dennis Mathewson, Thomas Metzloff)  (Joyce McConnell named dean.)

Western State


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Virginia made a decision. From the website:

Paul G. Mahoney—Scholar, Teacher, and Corporate Law Expert—Named Law School Dean

How about adding to the above list the dean choices made during this dean search season as well, including:

Minnesota - David Wippman (Cornell) named dean
Creighton - Eric Chiappinelli (Seattle) named dean
Michigan State - Joan Howarth (UNLV) named dean
UC Irvine - Irwin Chemerinsky (Duke) named dean
Wayne State - Robert Ackerman (Penn State) named dean

[Note: for Houston search, Linda Greene's name ends in an "e"]

Illinois is searching for a dean too.

Illinois is searching for a dean too.

Richmond Finalists are (were?) Marion Crain, Adrien Wing, Thomas Gallanis, and David Logan. Crain came back to campus about two weeks after the campus visits (2/15) but must have liked WUSTL better.

I am quite sure that Cal-Davis and Kentucky started dean searches last fall, but I do not know where things now stand.

I am quite sure that Cal-Davis and Kentucky started dean searches last fall, but I do not know where things now stand.

Hey Dan, New Mexico and Western State are also conducting dean searches.

Nora Demleitner was named Dean of Hofstra Law School, effective January 1, 2008.

I think the name of the new dean at LaVerne is Shirley.

Why did you delete my post you effete, f-ing moron?

Is there something particularly offensive about opining on a particular individual's (Adrien Wing's) lack of qualifications to run a law school?

I don't believe ASU has stated that they are finalists.

I love the idea of someone named Bruce Smith being named the dean at SUNY-Buffalo.

Tom Gallanis (Minnesota) is the finalist at Richmond

Drake University also is in a dean search.

Strange that there are all these dean searches still open so late in the year.

What about St. Mary's?

Gallanis has withdrawn his name from Richmond's search, and Interim Dean John Douglass has agreed to become a candidate.

Gallanis has declined Richmond's offer, and Interim Dean John Douglass has agreed to become a candidate.

What's going on with Richmond? Any idea why these candidates are turning down what looks from the outside to be a desirable job?

I am presently on Loyola of L.A.'s Dean Search Committee. I was thinking it would be great if this list were to include links to the relevant advertisements for these positions. The relevant link for Loyola of L.A. is at: http://www.lls.edu/jobs/faculty/DeanSearch.pdf

Would it be possible to link the school names to these advertisements on your main list?


Univ. of Richmond's President sent out an email this afternoon that John Douglass, currently serving as Interim Dean, has accepted the position permanently.

Notre Dame Law School is also going to be looking for a new dean to take office in June of 2009

Texas Wesleyan hired Frederic White, who had been Dean at Golden Gate.

Kevin Johnson has removed himself from the finalists at Arizona State.

JoAnne Epps has just been named dean of Temple’s Beasley School of Law.


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