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March 10, 2008


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Belle Lettre

All employees of the public schools in CA have to sign loyalty oaths. Even the lowliest readers (graders) and teaching assistants. I did when I held both positions, with slight umbrage, except that I do support the Constitution. I didn't insert "nonviolently" before mine, although I wonder how the University of California would have responded. Probably not favorably.

It is unfortunate, but not very surprising, or is it? How common are loyalty oaths nowadays?


BL is right that it's all university employees in CA that must sign the loyalty oath (maybe all public employees- I don't know.) My understanding is that this dates back to the first term of Reagan as Gov. I was a temporary summer employee of the Center for Gender and Refugee Studies at UC Hastings a few years ago and had to sign. (I also had to join the State employees retirement plan, something I found even more annoying, even though they did give me back my money soon after my summer employement ended.)

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