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March 17, 2008


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John C

I agree with both you and the article; professors should dress nicely (a shirt and tie two or three times a week won't kill anyone), but not because it has any effect on what the students do. It's just professionalism. And maybe a bit of self-interest; in school, we had one professor that would wear what he apparently thought was cool, casual clothes. Much mocking ensued. It's tough to mock a shirt and a (reasonably in-fashion) tie.

Jill Andrews

I sincerely hope Case Western encourages its faculty to pursue more rigorous legal scholarship than this tripe.


Al, please tell me you have the picture of the student dressing up as you. If so, do post!


Professors should dress well. But "well" can mean a whole variety of things, and needn't include a tie -- look at Barack Obama in Iowa! Really, the key is buying clothes that fit. They need not be impeccably tailored, but please, men, let's start buying shirts that don't have so much cloth in the back that babies could be suffocated in them!

One of the more elegantly dressed professors at my school, a distinguished gentleman, never wears a tie that I've seen. Slacks, shirt, sports coat, but: (a) they match; (b) they fit!


Only once has a student imitated my dress (and that was when he dressed up as me for Halloween)--cardigan sweater, wire rim glasses, white button down shirt, even powdered his hair black. Basically, the whole deal.

I had a student do that this past Halloween. He came in what I refer to as my "country club semi-formal" outfit -- red slacks, white shirt, repp stripe tie, navy blazer -- and sat down on the lectern, as I am wont to do. I broke out laughing. Sadly, nobody got a photo.

Sam Bagenstos

I used to wear a suit and tie to class. Then I started to get teaching evaluations that compared me to Michael J. Fox as Alex P. Keaton. I now wear whatever I find in the closet -- but certainly not a suit and tie. I don't know whether, per John C., that makes me less professional. I like to think people are coming to my classes for the intellectual content, not for a fashion show.

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I agree with your concept that proffessionalism come from proper dressing sense..
Suit and tie give different look and enhance your personality

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