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March 06, 2008


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Calvin Massey

Amen, Dan.

Calvin Massey

Amen, Dan.

David S. Cohen

When I read about the Villanova students in the paper last week, I had similar thoughts. What a scary idea - teaching in a classroom with some students carrying firearms. Talk about a sitting duck!

Kathleen A. Bergin

Last year I was the subject of an internet blog in which two supposedly anonumous students casually discussed the sale of a firearm, and made light of the possibility that one might contemplate using it against me. Im still here, so I take it the post was in meant to be funny, perhaps among insiders but not to me obviously. It was, and is still, destabilizing. Im shaking and out of breath even writing this measly comment.

The prospect of arming students with weapons is something reasonable people cannot debate. We can pretend it would be different, but teachers simply cannot teach, and students simiply cannot learn, "not knowing" if someone is armed. And therin lies the problem. "Not" knowing.

John Satclaire

The "risk of armed conflict" is already present, as the ease with which armed killers have recently entered classrooms filled with helpless victims demonstrates.

John Satclaire

"Talk about a sitting duck!"

Interesting observation, Mr. Cohen: that's precisely how those of us who are trained and licensed to carry a concealed handgun feel as we ponder the possibility of an armed attacker showing up while we are sitting in a classroom with no windows and one door.


This movement is not arguing that all students should be allowed to carry guns on campus. It is only arguing that citizens who are able to obtain a concealed weapon permit should be able to carry their guns on campuses just everywhere else (supermarkets, malls, etc.).

And well as far as your pilot analogy goes...shooting a gun on an airplane would most likely destroy the plane due to the compression of the cabin. The very high likelihood that a bullet would should through the cabin walls makes that a very dumb idea.

why we should have guns

Well, for one thing, professors will be scared to brainwash us into mindlessly worshiping their political beliefs if they know that the Federalist society members are packing heat.

Otherwise, we'll get a group of well-to-do law students releasing terrorists all over the US while interning at the ACLU, and the corresponding nuclear attack.

Yes, Guns on Campus: GOOD FOR AMERICA

Anonymous Student

Shooting a gun on a plane would NOT likely destroy the cabin due to decompression- You've seen too many hollywood renditions.

Mr. Filler, even if students DID carry in school, you would theoretically not know, hence the "concealed" part.

Especially with the random beating that happened yesterday on the subway, it makes one glad to know that we have an armed citizenry to defend ourselves against criminals who would beat us to death for no reason, or to shoot up a school. Surely you've heard of the Appalachian Shooting?
Or perhaps you've heard about any one of the slayings that have been stopped by the citizens of the country that brought us the Desert Eagle?

I understand the professor's apprehensions here, but at the same time, are you SURE that students aren't already carrying to class every day?

Who is going to be the first target when a gunman intent on killing people waltzes into a classroom- one of the 100 random students sitting down, or the professor standing in front of the class. THAT is a "sitting duck", Mr Cohen. You should take comfort in the fact that some of your students may be at the ready to defend you at the moment when you find yourself helpless and defenseless.

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What's with students bringing guns or weapons to school?
What is wrong with our society!!!! Our world is going to hell in a hand-basket!!!

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I feel super bad that has student carrying weapons to school The term "gun" has also taken on a more generic meaning, by which it has come to refer to any one of a number of trigger-initiated, hand-held, and hand-directed implements, especially with an extending bore, which thereby resemble the class of weapon in either form or concept. Examples of this usage include staple gun, nail gun, glue gun, grease gun. Occasionally, this tendency is ironically reversed, such as the case of the American M3 submachine gun which carries the nickname "Grease Gun"

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Italian citizens don't have a constitutional Right to keep and bear arms, yet the right to possess firearms is granted by law and subordinated to the release of a license from Police authorities. The applicant for such license must be 18 years old or up, demonstrate to be capable to handle and use a firearm safely (condition which can be demonstrated either with a certification of non-dishonorable military discharge

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I think this should not be allowed. Yes they are in law class but doe not mean they don't have a rule.


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