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March 22, 2008


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What is the reality here? Should people feel free to download Feinberg's talk here? I'll leave that one to you. And if his speech is good, let me know!


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includ Bob Bennett of Utah and perhapPrada Handbags even John McCain of Arizona. Call them the unusu suspects. and the specul is intensifi as Sen Major Leader Harri Reid D-Nev. sai he want to bring the bill to the Senat floor as earli as next week. But on Republican financi lobbyist predict a domino effect if Republican get on board: If on goes,Democrat need at least on GOP vote. Louis Vuitton Handbags 20 will go. It will be open the floodgates. Here ar the eight senat Wal Street is watch most closely: Saxbi Chambliss where he ha taken a lead role in negoti the deriv piec of the bill with Democrat chairwoman Blanch Lincoln of Arkansas. Deriv ar enorm import to larg agribusi that us them to hedg commod price risks,The Georgian is the rank member on the Senat Agricultur Committee. but Chambliss ha hi nose out of joint becaus Lincoln introduc a Cheap Handbagsliberal-friendli version of the bill without hi input earlier thi week. if the bill can somehow be drag back toward him,Still. Chambliss mai want to be part of the deal. We would like to get a bipartisan bill, he said. We would all like to elimin thi too-big-to-fail issue. ThatED Hardy Handbags s not an issu that s go to have ani disagr between Democrat and Republicans. How we get there is where the disagr will be. Can you sai Dodd-Chambliss? Scott Brown after all,He wa mad at the presid at the begin of the week. But some on Wall Street ar convinc that by the end of the debat he ll be with Obama for the final vote. D&G Handbags That s becaus he s a Massachusett Republican. despit hi tea parti cred and high-profil campaign against Obama s health care bill. Republican ar a rare enough breed in New England, and thei gener don t surviv long if thei don t hew close to the polit center. where there ar problem [on Wall Street], The bottom line is. we should fix them, Coach Handbags Brown said. And he ad that he will take a hard look at the proposals, on which he is just get up to speed. I m not go to vote on anyth or make ani statement until I read the bills, he said. Bob Corker but Corker made himself into an integr deal maker on the bill. The first-term senat from Tennesse shock hi GOP colleagu by step up to take over the role of lead Republican negoti on regulatori reform when negoti between Sen Bank Committe Chairman Chri Dodd and rank Republican Richard Shelby broke down. That s aChanel Handbags no-no in the seniority-obsess Senate.>Corker mai relish a chanc to be the closer. Lobbyist wonder whether he want the bill to be name Dodd-Corker,Now that Shelbi s back at the table. to secur a place in financi history. said Corker. And of the area in dispute, I think we all want to see financi regulation take place; I realliGucci Handbags do. he said, These thing ar veri solvable. It just take a littl grind-it-out work. the wind ar blow there s lot of thing happen here that don t aid that effort,Corker also ha made it clear that he think the Republican would be make Handbagsa polit mistak to stand against the bill. I will be stun if we do not reach a bipartisan agreement. ...

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