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February 25, 2008

The 2008 Law Faculty Lateral Moves List

Updated as of February 25 and moved to the top.  I'ved noted the newest changes in red.  If you have entry level hiring news, make sure to alert Larry Solum.  His request for information, a particular format, is here.

It strikes me that it's time to start organizing this year's law faculty lateral moves list.  Paul Secunda's great series of posts at Co-op (here, here, here, here, and here) inspired me to get the list posted.  As always, I rely on others to provide information for me to share.  Many thanks to Brian Leiter et al for their efforts putting some of this information into the blogosphere.  Inevitably this initial list will be radically incomplete - and perhaps contain errors.  I apologize in advance.    Please email me at danielmfiller@gmail.com with any additional info. 


Ron Krotoszynski from Washington & Lee.

New Heather Elliott from Catholic.


Robert Tsai from Oregon.


New Garrett Epps from Oregon.


New Derek Bambauer from Wayne State.


John Tehranian from Utah.


Brian Leiter from Texas.


New Richard Storrow from Penn State.


Michael Dorf from Columbia.

Sherry Colb from Rutgers-Newark.

Laura Underkuffler from Duke.


Eric Chiappinelli from Seattle (to be dean).


Stacey Tovino from Hamline.


Ernest Young from Texas.

Florida Coastal

B.J. Priester from Florida State.


Michael Klarman from Virginia.

New Cass Sunstein from Chicago.


Paul Secunda from Mississippi.

Janine Kim from Southwestern.

Matt Parlow from Chapman.

McGeorge (University of the Pacific)

Brian Slocum from Florida Coastal.

Michigan State

Anne Lawton from Roger Williams.

New Joan Howarth from UNLV (to be dean).


David Wippman from Cornell (to be dean).


Michele Alexandre from Memphis.


Tom Brennan from Drexel.


Carlos Ball from Penn State.

Stuart Green from LSU.

St. Louis

Elizabeth Pendo from St. Thomas (Miami).

New Robert Gatter from Penn State.

St. Thomas (MN)

New Lyman Johnson from Washington and Lee, where he will continue to teach one semester per year.

Samford University (Cumberland)

Gregory Laughlin from Memphis.

Seton Hall

Alice Ristroph from Utah.


D. Aaron Lacy from Barry.


Meredith Conway from Texas Wesleyan.

Bernie Jones from U Mass Amherst Legal Studies.

Texas Tech

John Watts from Barry.

Thomas Jefferson

Leah Christensen from St. Thomas (MN).


Lee Strang from Ave Maria.


New Tracy McGaugh from South Texas.

UC Irvine

Erwin Chemerinsky from Duke (to be dean).

Catherine Fisk from Duke.


Christopher Peterson from Florida.


New Robert Mikos from UC Davis.


Jason Czarnezki from Marquette.

Michael McCann from Mississippi College.

Washington & Lee

Susan Franck  from Nebraska.

Hari Osofsky from Oregon.

Russell Miller from Idaho.

Benjamin Spencer from Richmond.

Joshua Fairfield from Indiana - Bloomington.

Wayne State

Robert Ackerman from Penn St. (to be dean).

Widener (Delaware)

Thaddeus Pope from Memphis.

William & Mary

New Timothy Zick from St. Johns.


Darian Ibrahim from Arizona.


Doug Kysar from Cornell.


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not a good year for cornell

It would be great if you did a GAINS column and a LOSSES column, or in this case a GAINS post and a LOSSES post. I realize I can get this info just by reading or doing a CTRL-F, but it would be interesting to have it compiled as it may show schools with quite a few departures.

How about Ernest Young from Texas to Duke.

Joan Howarth from UNLV to Michigan State (to be dean). http://www.law.msu.edu/news/2008/releases/howarth-dean.html

Doug Kysar to Yale

Tim Zick to William and Mary

When you do the updates, how about adding an "updated" or "new" word next to the additions? Just a thought, as this is a great service you're doing, and this way it's easier to see who's new to the list since the earlier version.

Richard Storrow from Penn State to CUNY

Anyone dare say what's going on at Penn State?

As with Lyman Johnson, the listing for Sunstein should reflect that the fact that he will continue to teach one quarter per year at Chicago.

Penn State: 2-campus law school = chaos. Losing good people.

Carla Pratt from Penn State to Texas Wesleyan.

Sunstein's listing should not include Chicago because he will only be teaching as a visting professor.

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